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Economic Updates

Economic Updates

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Welcome to LINDSEY AND LINDSEY WEALTH MANAGEMENT. Why choose us? Experienced in all areas of financial planning to help you work towards your goals, we believe actions speak louder than words.

We don't start by telling you what we think you should do. We listen first. Then together, we develop a tailored investment strategy that fits you.

The interests of our clients comes first. Our focus on full disclosure and the highest standards of fiduciary care ensures our interests our aligned with yours. We are not swayed by financial incentives for recommending. We do only what's right for you.

Don't just take our word for it — see us in action.

The Lindsey & Lindsey Difference — It’s All About You! 

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The Five Star Professional award goes to individuals who provide exceptional service based on research with peers, firms, consumers and regulatory services. Read important information.

Kingdom Advisors is a professional association that offers in-depth training and a tight-knit community to Christian financial professionals who want to integrate their faith with their practice.
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Personal Financial Planning

We’ll work closely with you to determine how situational changes or major life events such
as job changes, marriage/divorce, welcoming a child or a health change will impact your overall financial plan.


Estate, Wealth Transfer Planning, & Charitable Planning

We collaborate with your attorney to solidify your estate plan,
coordinating any updates with recent law changes, integrating updates into your financial plan and monitoring
beneficiary changes. 

Tax Planning and Coordination

We offer tax-reduction strategies in collaboration with your tax advisor, evaluating the
need for tax loss harvesting, recommending specific investments, products or strategies to help mitigate income tax

Retirement Planning

We recognize that for most people, retirement is the largest financial goal. Our aim is to make the
transition from accumulation to distribution as easy as possible, adjusting as necessary to keep you on track throughout
your golden years.

Business Planning

We tailor qualified plans (401(k), profit sharing, cash balance, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs) to meet the
needs of your business and provide business owner-oriented tax-savings. We can assist in buy/sell analysis, evaluate
strategies such as adding family members to payroll and offer tax mitigation strategies.

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

We’ll work with you to determine the appropriate level of coverage to protect
your legacy and equip your family with financial security. We also help analyze your needs to determine the level of
long-term care coverage you may need to maintain your lifestyle as you age.

Investment Management

We work with you to develop a customized, comprehensive, and objective goals- and needs-based
investment management plan, resulting in an asset allocation aimed at achieving the best rate of return at your given
risk tolerance.

Real Estate Analysis

We help analyze your existing holdings, debt structure and cash flow to evaluate the opportunity
for 1031 exchanges, buy/sell transactions, or gifting strategies.

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