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The Immense Value of Perseverance and Persistence

February 22, 2016
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Throughout both my personal and professional life, cultivating a persistent attitude has served me in so many ways. When I set out to build Lindsey & Lindsey Wealth Management, it wasn't easy. I left a place where I was established and successful and took a leap of faith into the unknown. Even though there were certainly moments of anxiety along the way, I knew I was making the right move. I wanted to create a company that put its clients first, and despite the challenges and trials along the way, Lindsey & Lindsey Wealth Management has done just that.

It's four years later, and I've grown immensely from the experience. If I had chosen complacency over the challenges that followed, I would have been compromising the principles by which I live my life. And through all this, I've learned the immense value of perseverance and tenacity.

A Pesky Persistence

In this rapidly moving, instant-gratification world, what are my keys to success? Patience and persistence. It may be an unpopular viewpoint in today's "me first" world, but it's true; and I mention the former because it's such an integral part of the latter.

As investors, business leaders or entrepreneurs, we're all very driven. However, the key to succeeding is understanding that some amount failure will occur along the way. With answers at the tips of our fingers and smartphones in everyone's pocket, it's difficult to remain upbeat when an idea or project fails. However, we choose to learn from these failures, and refuse to throw in the towel when one little thing doesn't go our way.

Our best actions as leaders come from our persistence. From my time advocating for others through serving on the board of the Free Clinic of Simi Valley and the United Way of Ventura County, it's taken a level of "jugular vein intent" to accomplish the things these organizations have. And despite the roadblocks and challenges, it's been very rewarding for me to be an advocate of such incredible organizations.

I find patience and persistence to be incredibly valuable traits when it comes to our finances as well. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day. Our fortunes are not amassed overnight by timing the day-to-day fluctuations of the market. It takes persistence in saving money and patience as we fine-tune our portfolios as we look to long-term wealth accumulation. 

The Power of Perseverance

I believe all of us are stronger than we believe. There's a will inside all of us that can push us beyond our limits—beyond exhaustion, frustration, even fear. Finding that will takes hard work, dedication and, above all, perseverance. In the face of great challenges as leaders of businesses, families or friends, we all have two options: quit and go home, or power onward and figure out the solution on the way. 

When I left Edward Jones, there was no paved path laid in front of me. I had plenty of worries and anxieties. However, after I realized the worthlessness of worrying and the power of simply doing, I found my path. I won't tell you there haven't been setbacks in my journey or that there won't be major obstacles and disappointment in yours. But staying true to my principles has made persevering through these trials that much more valuable to me, and I believe if you stay true to your own, you'll be able to persevere through any challenge you face.

You Can Do It

Simply put, nothing worth having in life is easy. Making a large change in your life will always come with many difficulties. You'll have to work for it. Likewise, saving and investing are not easy. If we could all make millions in a day, we'd do it—and I'd be out of a job. A bad day on Wall Street or a poor week for our portfolio can make all of us question ourselves. Like all challenges, it's no time to quit. Give it another shot, keep your dreams in sight, and one day you'll find success.

John Lindsey is President and CEO of Lindsey & Lindsey Wealth Management. After years of experience in executive leadership and finance, John founded Lindsey & Lindsey Wealth Management in 2012 to better serve his client base with an expanded universe of investment offerings. His biggest piece of advice is to always stay true to yourself and never compromise when that compromise would endanger your principles.